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Brian Gill Review:
Including excellent diagnostic performance, operator comfort for enhanced productivity, and outstanding connectivity features, the Toshiba Xario ultrasound meets your clinical demands with outstanding versatility and high-quality imaging.

Even though it’s small and extremely mobile, the Toshiba Xario still offers some of the technologies and built-in features found in full-sized console systems. In fact, the Xario ultrasound’s advanced imaging technologies allow operators to visualize minute details and vascular structures with precision. Some of these imaging technologies include:

  • Pulse Subtraction THI
  • ApliPure
  • Advanced Dynamic Flow
  • Low MI Pulse Subtraction
  • Trapezoid Imaging
  • Panoramic View
  • Fast Fusion 3D
  • 4D Imaging

The Toshiba Xario ultrasound also aims to improve clinical workflow and efficiency through its high-performance TFT screen and flexible arm and fully customizable main panel.

Product features:
  • 19″ flatscreen display
  • 4D imaging in real time
  • Advanced dynamic color flow
  • Fast Fusion 3D
  • Quick Scan one-touch image optimization
  • Panoramic view for extra wide images
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