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Terason t3000
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Brian Gill Review:
Featuring exceptional imaging technologies, networking capabilities, and a seamless workflow in a portable laptop ultrasound, the Terason t3000 ultrasound includes a Fusion Processor with B-mode sensitivity as well as 128 transmit beam forming channels. The Terason t3000 ultrasound’s Fusion Processor is based upon proprietary Teratech Architecture for powerful PC-based back-end data processing, and this ultrasound can be instantly converted from a portable unit to a cart-based system.

Weighing just 8 pounds and operating on a battery that lasts for 2 hours, the Terason t3000 ultrasound makes it easy to image in crowded patient rooms or at remote sites.

Product features:
  • PC related productivity and ease of use
  • Teratech Architecture
  • Internal hard drive, image storage for 50,000 images
  • 2D, B-Mode, and M-Mode
  • Power, Color and Directional Power Doppler
  • Pulsed Wave and Continuous Wave Spectral Doppler
  • ECG trace
  • Triplex Display
  • Duplex Doppler
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