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Brian Gill Review:
The SonoSite MicroMaxx portable ultrasound is designed to make operator’s jobs easier, faster, and more accurate, and with impressive image quality, wireless data transfer, and extreme durability, the MicroMaxx ultrasound is an optimal point-of-care and emergency choice.In terms of image quality, this ultrasound features color Doppler, 2D, M Mode, color power Doppler, Tissue Harmonic Imaging, and pulsed wave Doppler. This combination of imaging features allows the MicroMaxx ultrasound to clearly and accurately image the following applications:

  • Abdominal – liver, kidneys, pancreas, spleen, gallbladder, bile ducts, transplanted organs, abdominal vessels, and more
  • Cardiac – heart, cardiac valves, great vessels, surrounding anatomical structures, overall cardiac performance, and more
  • Gynecology and infertility – uterus, ovaries, adnexa, and surrounding anatomical structures
  • Interventional and intraoperative – biopsy and drainage, vascular line placement, peripheral nerve blocks, spinal nerve blocks and taps, and more
  • Obstetrical – fetal anatomy, viability, estimated fetal weight, gestational age, amniotic fluid, and surrounding anatomical structures

The MicroMaxx is also suitable for pediatric, prostate, superficial, and transcranial applications, among others.

Simply put, SonoSite portable ultrasound machines are designed for quick, easy procedures where image, speed, and ease-of-use are the primary concerns. The SonoSite MicroMaxx, along with other SonoSite portable ultrasounds, is essentially a no-frills, get-the-job done portable machine. It’s most often found in situations where physicians are doing the scanning themselves, using it as a visual tool to confirm a diagnosis, guide a needle, or to look at tissue.The MicroMaxx is one of the most popular portable ultrasound machines on the market today and continues to be one of our top-selling portable ultrasound machines.

Product features:
  • 2D/M-Mode/Directional Color Power Doppler/ Power Doppler
  • 2X Pan/Zoom
  • Tissue Harmonic Imaging
  • Broadband, multifrequency imaging
  • 128 Imaging channels
  • Cine review
  • OB/GYN/Cardiac/Vascular/MSK calc and preset packages available
  • Mini-Dock available for expanded connectivity options
  • Fully Digital
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