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Brian Gill Review:
The Samsung Medison HM70 ultrasound is a mid-range device designed to meet the needs of obstetric 4D applications as well as abdominal, breast, OB/GYN, vascular, veterinary, and other applications. No matter its application, the Medison HM70 ultrasound seeks to provide physicians and sonographers with excellence in patient care and clinical efficiency.

To deliver uncompromised image quality, the Medison HM70 features the Hybrid Beamforming Engine, which optimizes processing to enable more detailed, in-depth scanning with a high energy output. Additionally, this ultrasound further enhances imaging with its S-Flow color Doppler and Needle Mate technology that helps guide optimal needle location.

In addition to its image quality, the Medison HM70 is also outfitted with several exam and work-enhancing features to make exams easier and more efficient for operators. For instance, ElastoScan aids in earlier detection of malignant diseases, while HD Volume Imaging uses a filter to improve the visualization of edges and small structures in 3D data, all with the simple touch of a button.

This is a fairly significant upgrade to the Medison U6, which is the HM70A’s predecessor. The vascular imaging is solid and we found the color flow to be very good. The cardiac is capable, as shared services portable machines go, and works for those needing to perform occasional cardiac studies.

The 4D imaging on the HM70A is an upgrade to that found on the Medison U6, which makes it one of the better portable 4D ultrasound machines on the market today.

Product features:
  • Single Crystal Probe Technology allows for a broader bandwidth and better sensitivity of the transducer
  • Hybrid Beamforming Engine allows for better and faster processing, which provides higher frame rates and better image quality
  • SDMR Speckle Reduction Technology improves image resolution while reducing artifact.
  • DPDI Directional Power Doppler Imaging is a very sensitive color Doppler imaging technology that is helpful when blood flow detection is very difficult
  • HDVI Improves resolution in volume imaging through better edge detection
  • SFVI Smart Filter Volume imaging includes Clear SFVI and Detailed SFVI, which sharpen or reduce image artifact from a volume image
  • EZ-Exam Streamlined the exam workflow at the touch of a button
  • Volume NT & IT Can automatically determine the mid-saggital plane and measure the fetal nuchal translucency and intracranial translucency thicknesses
  • Elastoscan uses Strain imaging technology to aid in the detection of malignant diseases
  • Full Screen Mode allows you to expand the viewing area to the entire screen
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