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Brian Gill Review:

The Philips Epiq 7 is a premium shared service ultrasound machine best known for its outstanding cardiovascular capabilities.The Epiq 7 incorporates Philips’ most advanced technologies, including PureWave transducers, nSIGHT technology, xMATRIX transducer technology, 4D TEE, 4D imaging, and ShearWave & strain-based elastography.

Key technologies include nSIGHT, which more than doubles the frame rate while maintining 

PureWave uniform crystal transducers provide improved resolution in deeper tissue and more difficult to image patients… up to 73% better penetration and up to 200% improved temporal resolution.

Top reasons to rent a Philips Epic 7 from Rent Medical:

  1. Financial Flexibility: You won’t get locked into a long-term lease if the equipment isn’t a good fit for you.
  2. Upgrade Flexibility: Get the latest technology when you’re ready to upgrade without having to sell your old system and lose money on a lease.
  3. Service Guarantee: No need for an extended service contract! If your equipment malfunctions while renting the system, it’s on us. This also comes with the guarantee of the fastest service turnaround in the industry and our commitment to providing a loaner system if needed.
  4. Expediency: Most rental equipment is shipped within 24-72 hours!
At its release, the Epiq 7 was considered by some as the top ultrasound in the industry. Competing against a few excellent ultrasound machines, many prefer the Philips over other brands for excellent image quality, frame rates, and advanced imaging technologies that are not available on other systems.
Product features:
  • Strain Quantification
  • Cardiac 3D Quantification
  • Advanced 3D Cardiac Quantification
  • CMQ Stress Echo with Automatic modes
  • Mitral Valve Navigation
  • Automated 2D Cardiac Quantification
  • Automated Cardiac Motion Quantification
  • High-resolution 21.5” LCD wide screen monitor
  • 12” Tablet-style touchscreen
  • AutoDoppler
  • 4 probe connectors
  • PureWave uniform crystal technology
  • nSIGHT imaging
  • while keeping higher framerates
  • SmartExam and Real Time iSCAN (Autoscan)
  • PureWave transducers
  • 4D TEE
  • Shear Wave and strain-based elastography
  • 2D LV quantification
  • Intima Media Thickness (IMT)
  • General Imaging 3D Quantification (GI 3DQ)
  • Region of Interest (ROI)
  • MicroVascular Imaging (MVI)
  • Vascular Plaque Quantification (VPQ)
  • iSCAN automatic image optimization
  • Improved ergonomics may help reduce repetitive stress injuries
  • Multimodality DICOM
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