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Mindray DP-6600
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Brian Gill Review:
The Mindray DP-6600 brings users a high-performance black and white imaging solution, packed with useful features for a wide variety of clinical applications, all in a portable package. Weighing less than 25 pounds, it’s easy to bring the DP-6600 ultrasound with you, wherever you go. As such, this machine is certainly beneficial for point-of-care and emergency situations.

In terms of the DP-6600 ultrasound’s imagine, this portable system adopts advanced digital beam-forming (DBF) and tissue specialty imaging (TSI) technologies, both of which are designed to dramatically improve image quality for increased accuracy and diagnostic confidence. Additionally, the DP-6600 ultrasound has broadband and multi-frequency transducers that let the DP-6600 adapt to a wider variety of clinical applications.

Product features:
  • 10″ non-interlaced monitor
  • Tissue Specific Imaging
  • Digital beam-former
  • Two probe connector
  • Multi-language function
  • Built-in storage for 90 images
  • 256-frame CINE loop
  • Frequency up to 10MHZ
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