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Mindray DC-7
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Brian Gill Review:
Engineered to optimize the value and performance you get out of your ultrasound machine, the Mindray DC-7 is packed with technologies and features for optimal performance, ergonomics, and workflow efficiency.

The Mindray DC-7 ultrasound features iClear adaptive speckle reduction suppression imaging, iScape wide field-of-view imaging, and iZoom full-screen display. This ultrasound is suitable for:

  • OB/GYN
  • Vascular
  • Cardiovascular

Through Mindray’s patented transducer technology is designed to increase image bandwidth and transmission efficiency. Other features of this ultrasound include:

Product features:
  • 4D imaging option
  • Speckle reduction technology
  • Contrast Imaging
  • PSH (Phase Shift Harmonic Imaging)
  • iBeam
  • iClear
  • iScape
  • iTouch
  • Auto IMT (Intima-Media Thickness)
  • Wide Field of View Imaging
  • Tissue Harmonic Imaging
  • High Resolution LCD Monitor
  • Touch screen with multi-language input
  • Streamlined workflow
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