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Medison Accuvix V20
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Brian Gill Review:
The Medison Accuvix V20 ultrasound is the result of more than a decade of technology advancement in 3D/4D ultrasound imaging at Samsung Medison. Combining state-of-the-art technology with an excellent, user-friendly interface and design, the Accuvix V20 ultrasound aims to increase image quality as well as clinical efficiency.

Just some of the imaging technologies of this ultrasound include:

  • Multi-Beam Processing
  • Synthetic Aperture
  • Harmonic Imaging
  • Full Spectrum Imaging
  • DynamicMR
  • 3D XI – XI VOCAL
  • 3D XI – Multi-Slice View
  • 3D XI – Oblique View
  • 3D MXI – Mirror View
  • 3D MXI – Multi Volume Slice

The Accuvix V20 ultrasound’s included technologies make it simpler for users to examine and diagnose volume data with supreme ease, speed, and accuracy. With the 19-inch monitor, 360-degree articulated monitor arm, and ergonomic control panel, the Accuvix V20 ultrasound is also surprisingly comfortable to use, and it is adaptable to a variety of clinical applications.

Product features:
  • 17″ high-resolution flat panel monitor
  • 2D/ 3D/4D Imaging
  • Optimized ergonomic design for simple work flow
  • Rotating Control Panel
  • Speckle Reduction Filter
  • Full Spectrum Imaging
  • Sensitive power, spectral, and color doppler
  • Multi-Slice Views
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