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HP Sonos 5500
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Brian Gill Review:
The HP Sonos 5500 is a powerful, high-performance ultrasound machine packed with an array of advanced features. Aimed at providing increased accuracy and diagnosis confidence, the HP Sonos 5500 includes customizable presets and a study manager, both of which give instance access to studies while allowing users to view and edit patient studies from the ultrasound.

The imaging technologies utilized by the HP Sonos 5500 include fusion harmonic imaging, contrast imaging, and high definition color flow.

Product features:
  • High Frame Rate Scanning (Up to 300 Hz)
  • Lateral Gain Control, Continuous Loop Review
  • Intelligent Acoustic Quantification
  • HP Fusion Imaging, Built-In SVHS VCR
  • Acoustic CINE, Quantification, and Zoom
  • Dynamic Elevating Beamformer
  • Curved Linear support for abdominal studies
  • HP Colorization, ECG/AUX
  • 2-D, M-Mode, HD Color Flow, CW and PW Doppler
  • Tissue Doppler, Color Kinesis
  • Dual quick touch Plasma screen user interface
  • Dimensions: Height 59.5 in., Width 24.9 in., Depth 40.5 in., 470 lbs
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