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HP Sonos 1000
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Brian Gill Review:
The HP Sonos 1000 ultrasound is a phased-array system engineered for adult and pediatric cardiovascular imaging. This mid-level ultrasound is available with a variety of transducers and recording devices, and it provides superior 2D image quality and sensitivity in a variety of environments.

This ultrasound features PW and CW Doppler imaging, as well as Color Doppler, M-Mode and 2D imaging. Due to its steerable Doppler and high frame rate color the flow, the HP Sonos 1000 is also an advantageous ultrasound for cardiology and vascular imaging.

Product features:
  • 64 or 128 Channels
  • Color Doppler
  • Spectral PW/CW Doppler
  • Cine(CLR) & zoom (ROI)
  • Cardiac 2D, M-Mode and Doppler calculation/reports software
  • ECG/M-Mode with 3 lead ECG cable
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