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Brian Gill Review:
Featuring a compact size and lightweight design aimed to provide physicians with greater mobility and flexibility in a variety of clinical settings, the GE Vivid q portable cardiac ultrasound stands as GE’s top-of-the-line machine. In terms of its imaging quality, the Vivid q ultrasound features advanced technologies to help provide greater accuracy and diagnostic confidence; some of these technologies include:

  • An M4S-RS matrix array transducer that’s designed for enhanced 2D images for adult cardiac applications
  • Coded Octave imaging, which enhances your images for color flow and Doppler imaging
  • Smart Depth technology that adapts imaging parameters to help save time and increase standardization
  • Smart Stress technology that improves workflow, shortens optimization, and provides reproducibility
  • Triplex imaging capabilities also makes this ultrasound useful for phlebology and applications that require realtime 2D, Spectral Doppler, and Color Imaging
  • 17 available probes for optimal versatility

In addition to its exceptional image quality and streamlined workflow, some of the most revered features of this portable cardiac ultrasound include its larger keyboard and increased customizable controls. With customizable presets, image controls, programmable keys, annotations, and more, both beginner and expert physicians and users can easily adapt this ultrasound to their needs to provide the best results possible.

The M4S-RS Matrix cardiac ultrasound probe is considered the best reason to buy the Vivid q… it allows deeper penetration and higher image resolution over the 3S-RS.The Vivid q (and other Vivid portable ultrasounds) have arguably the best design of GE’s portable ultrasound machines because they are fairly intuitive and consistent. Doctors love its image quality for cardiac, vascular, venous, small parts, and a variety of images requiring excellent nearfield imaging as well as penetration for deep tissue or difficult-to-image patients.

Product features:
  • 2D Imaging
  • CW Doppler
  • Smart Depth Technology
  • Coded Octave Imaging
  • Tissue Tracking (TT)
  • Tissue Velocity Imaging (TVI)
  • Automated Function Imaging (AFI)
  • Tissue Synchronization Imaging (TSI)
  • Intracardiac Echo Imaging (ICE)
  • Integrated Stress Echo
  • Deep penetration in Cardiac and Vascular/Small Parts imaging
  • Excellent image quality
  • CrossXBeam
  • SRI Speckle Reduction Imaging
  • Triplex Imaging
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