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GE Logiq 400
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Brian Gill Review:
With advanced imaging capabilities that are second-to-none and powerful features for comfort, ergonomics, and efficiency, the GE Logiq 400 ultrasound is an optimal system engineered to meet your clinical needs without breaking the bank.

This reliable ultrasound offers harmonic imaging, adaptive color enhancement, and auto tissue optimization, all of which enhance the quality of images to improve diagnosis accuracy and operator confidence. Additionally, this ultrasound further enhances image quality through its Advanced Digital Beamformer and High-Frequency Micron Imaging.

Designed for easy operation, the GE Logiq 400 ultrasound includes user-friendly keyboard and graphics, Automatic Tissue Optimization, Real-time Doppler, simple image management, DICOM, and triplex imaging. This combination of usability and performance make the GE Logiq 400 ultrasound a reliable, comprehensive system.

Although the Logiq 400 series of ultrasounds is no longer manufactured, they remain popular in OB/GYN offices for their price, solid image quality, and reliability. This was one of the most popular ultrasounds for women’s health and they remain a very good affordable solution for a color Doppler ultrasound machine.
Product features:
  • Imaging: B-Mode
  • M-Mode
  • Color Doppler
  • Color Angio
  • Steered spectral PW Doppler
  • 15″ CRT monitor
  • Zoom (ROI)
  • Dual probe connectir
  • OB/Vascular measurements and anaylsis
  • DICOM Output
  • Magneto optical disk (MOD)
  • CINE review
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