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Fukuda Denshi UF-850XTD
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Brian Gill Review:
The Fukuda Denshi UF-850XTD ultrasound is a fully digital, multi-function system that is more powerful, more flexible, more reliable, and delivers more performance than comparable systems.

To provide the best images, the UF-850XTD ultrasound includes a variety of useful imaging technologies, such as:

  • Fully digital beamformer
  • Multi-beam processing
  • Advanced F-XTD imaging technology

These technologies aim to dramatically enhance the Fukuda Denshi UF-850XTD ultrasound’s image quality and efficiency, especially for clinical applications such as abdominal, OB/GYN, cardiac, vascular, musculoskeletal, pediatrics, neonatal, vet, and others.

Furthermore, the UF-850XTD ultrasound is compatible with many upgradeable features, it has a space-saving compact body, and it features effective data management tools and operability.

Product features:
  • Full Digital Beam Former
  • Digital Image workstation
  • Advanced F-XTD Imaging Technology
  • Multi Beam Processing
  • Active 3 probe ports
  • High Density and Wide Band Probes
  • Quick Boot up Time
  • Wide Flat Panel Display
  • Multiple Tissue Harmonic Imaging
  • Triplex Display Mode
  • High frequency Imaging up to 14MHz
  • User-friendly Interface
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