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Aloka ProSound Alpha 5SX
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Brian Gill Review:
The Aloka ProSound Alpha 5SX ultrasound is a workhouse ultrasound designed to meet the fast-paced needs of the operating room, and it includes an array of leading technologies to produce high-quality images and increase diagnostic confidence.

This shared service ultrasound is packed full of features, such as high contrast resolution, high-density digital front-end, and pure sound transmission, all of which are ideal for giving quick and accurate diagnoses, as well as reduced exam times, for a variety of medical settings.

Product features:
  • Large selection of Hemispheric Sound Technology probes
  • 12 Bit Digital Beamformer
  • Microspatial Compounding
  • Pure Sound Transmission
  • Pixel Focus
  • Quint Frequency Imaging
  • Dual Dynamic Display
  • Integrated Data Management System
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