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Brian Gill Review:
Acuson Sequoia 512 ultrasound system is a high-performance ultrasound that, when it came out, aimed to set new clinical standards of imaging excellence. Today, the Sequoia 512 is still widely used and renowned for its superior imaging capabilities and features, such as its Native Patient Specific Imaging that detects and measures, in real time, a patient’s individual acoustic properties.

Designed for a wide range of applications, from abdominal and OB/GYN to pediatrics and cardiology, the Sequoia 512 highlights its system performance with the following attributes:

Coherent Imaging Technologies
Innovative Transducer Technologies
DIMAQ integrated ultrasound workstation
Advanced Imaging Technologies

Workflow, high-frame rates, and high-image quality are just some of the advantages of this cart-based ultrasound system. More importantly for many physicians, the 512’s streamlined workflow technology allows for quick access to optimized data at any time during exams. With the Acuson Sequoia 512, ultrasound operators can further improve their workflow through easily viewable digital dynamic studies, patient data capture and analyzation, and quickly processed patient data reports.

Its speed, high frame rates, and history as an excellent cardiovascular machine keep the Sequoia in the forefront of technicians minds. This is an excellent shared service ultrasound machine that can be found at a great price.
Product features:
  • Advanced vascular analysis and spatial compounding
  • 19″ color CRT monitor
  • Native tissue harmonic imaging (NTHI)
  • DIMAQ: image management
  • CPS contrast pulse sequencing technology
  • Clarifying vascular enhancement technology
  • High resolution color flow
  • Tissue echo quantification (TEQ)
  • Coherent beamformer technology/spatial compounding
  • Space/time resolution control
  • Cine and zoom/RES
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