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Brian Gill Review:
The Acuson P10 may be your on-the-go, pocket-sized ultrasound, but don’t let its size mislead you. This black-and-white ultrasound is engineered for the fast-paced environment in cardiology, primary care, and emergency departments, where a quick, accurate diagnosis is needed. Providing a quick look at anatomy and function, the Acuson P10 and its integrated phased array probe highlight imaging efficiency and accuracy.

The Acuson P10 is also highly rated for supporting triage decisions, bedside monitoring, and traditional diagnoses. Tissue harmonics and auto optimization allow for exceptional image quality, and after an assessment, operators can simply store and transfer the images among SD cards, USB ports, or network disk locations. Operators can also take advantage of instant power-up capabilities, a simple interface, and additional information with clinical assessments.

For cardiology purposes, the P10 ultrasound enables visualizations of anatomy and function from the initial patient assessment to the post procedure care in the ICU/CCU. For emergency medicine, the ultrasound’s mobility and speed are a benefit for quick assessments of cardiac activity. For obstetrics, the ultrasound serves as a fundamental tool for physicians (and midwives) who need clear images of fetal positioning, heart beat, and placenta location.

The Acuson P10 is a cool machine with very specific purposes. It is designed for quick and easy use in an emergency medicine, cardiology, ICU and OB/GYN situation.
Product features:
  • Presets for cardiac, abdominal, and obstetric imaging
  • 2-4 MHz integrated phased array transducer
  • SD Memory Card slot
  • PDA-style User Interface
  • Tissue Harmonics Imaging
  • USB port
  • Lightweight design – 1.6 lbs
  • Instant power on
  • PDA-style interface
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