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  • Access to 140 Ultrasound training links to get you up and running, quickly.
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Getting an ultrasound for your clinic, hospital, or vet office has never been easier.

Browse through our large inventory of over 200 portable, diagnostic ultrasound machines, cart-based machines, and high-quality probes. We’ll work with you to find the ideal ultrasound rental to meet your facility’s needs. This means better, more accurate care for your patients.

For detailed descriptions of our rental ultrasounds starting at $500/month, click on the manufacturers and brands below.

Featured Portable Ultrasounds

At Rent Medical, our goal is to streamline the ultrasound rental process. You can take advantage of flexible rental contracts, advanced imaging technologies, and fast and secure deliveries.

The ultrasound rental price depends on your preferred contract length, and the longer you rent, the less you’ll pay on a monthly basis.

Whether your current ultrasound is down or you want to test an ultrasound program, whether you need advanced technologies like fetal doppler or features like portability, Rent Medical has the ultrasound system ideal for helping your clinic maximize profits, reduce costs, and provide the best care possible.

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