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Mobile MRIs
Rent a Mobile MRI for Optimal Performance at a Fraction of the Cost
  • Mobile MRIs from top manufacturers, providing high-quality imaging without the need for a large capital expenditure
  • MRIs shipped in large trailers that operate as scanning rooms equipped with magnetic shielding, workstations, and other peripherals
  • Possibility for shared costs and services among several sites; decreased pre-installation costs
  • Ability to test the viability of a full-time, fixed MRI machine
  • Flexible renting contracts. Weekly, monthly, or yearly.
Discover the benefits of performance, reliability, and convenience by adding a mobile MRI to your clinic or hospital’s imaging services. Technologically speaking, a mobile MRI system’s imaging and spatial quality are the same as a fixed system. By renting an MRI, you can also avoid the large capital expenditures and get your equipment up-and-running at your hospital with a justifiable, reasonable budget.

If you do not see a model above that fits your needs, we can acquire other systems and build custom trailers for you out of them!

Renting an MRI is now easier, and more convenient, than ever. Compared to a fixed system, your mobile MRI arrives in a large trailer that doubles as an equipped scanning room, featuring everything from magnetic shielding and peripheral equipment to heating and air conditioning for optimized operation. With rental mobile MRIs from top manufacturers, including GE, Philips, Siemens, and Toshiba, you can test the feasibility of MRI services in your hospital or clinic, or even share the MRI and relocate the unit based on each facility’s workload or by a fixed schedule. Get the right MRI for your facility’s needs today by calling Rent Medical.

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