Rent Medical FAQ


1. How much will a rental cost?
Whether renting ultrasound or C-arm, the cost of the rental depends on several factors. These factors include the system’s availability, the type of system you need, the amount and type of transducers or ancillary equipment, and the rental length.
2. How long are your rental contracts?
We offer flexible rental contracts, including one day, one week, one month, three months, six months or one year. The longer the rental term, however, the better the monthly price.
We offer overnight ultrasound rentals as long as we receive the ultrasound rental request before 3pm EST.
3. What ultrasounds do you have?

We rent portable and console ultrasound machines. From an inexpensive Chison EBit 50 to a Philips Epiq 7 or GE Voluson E10, our multimillion dollar rental inventory can meet your needs.

Some of our most commonly rented ultrasounds include:

  • GE Logiq e
  • GE Logiq e NextGen
  • GE Logiq E10
  • GE Voluson E8
  • GE Vivid E9
  • GE Voluson E10
  • Sonosite M-Turbo
  • Sonosite Edge
  • Chison SonoBook 9
  • Chison EBit 60
  • Philips Epiq 7
  • And many others…
4. How quickly can I get my systems?
For ultrasounds, we can offer overnight if needed, but usually a couple days of lead time. The delivery time for C-Arms can vary depending on the system and the delivery location.
5. How is Rent Medical different from the others?
System availability — We have 200 systems available to rent, by far the largest in the industry. We are a direct supplier as well, which means there are no “middleman” costs. By going direct, you’ll not only save on your rental, but you’ll also get direct contact with the experts who know these machines best.
Customer support — We provide online applications video training and real-time customer support to get our customers up-and-running quickly. The OEMs cannot compete against our pace of support turnaround time.
24-hour Nationwide delivery
Next day delivery to the continental United States
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