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GE OEC 9900 Elite C-arm
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Brian Gill Review:

Offering superb image quality and an easy-to-use performance, the GE OEC 9900 Elite C-arm is designed for the fast-paced world of the ER and the ORs. Its intuitive user interface and right-to-left layout makes operation quick and simple, and its deeper C-arm arc allows for more flexibility in positioning, while still maintaining that point-and-shoot fell. This is from the system’s SmartView pivot joint, a design that lets users capture lateral views at any angle and minimize the need for repeated exposures.The 9900 Elite C-arm’s imaging profiles also optimize the system’s resulting images by compensating for tissue and bone. Higher quality images mean greater diagnosis accuracy and confidence. A few other image optimization features that come with the 9900 Elite include:

  • Hi def monitors
  • SmartMetal distortion control
  • Patented DRM technology
  • Dynamic Range Management

With the combination of these technologies, and with 100x more imaging power than previous OEC C-arms, users can expect excellent image quality regardless of the complexity of the procedure. And if you have to take long procedures, the 9900 Elite C-arm offers a unique battery buffer system, active cooling, and heat management.

Product features:
  • Intuitive user interface and left-to-right layout
  • High Definition flat panel monitors
  • Preset imaging profiles
  • SmartView pivot joint for better imaging angles
  • SmartMetal distortion control
  • Dynamic Range Management (DRM)
  • Motion Tolerant Subtraction (MTS)
  • 1k x 1k high resolution imaging
  • DICOM 3.0 internal interface
  • On-board DVD/CD read/write capability
  • Unique X-ray tube and cooling system
  • 15 kW generator
  • Special configurations for 8/15/30 fps imaging or motorized control
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