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GE OEC 9800 C-arm
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Brian Gill Review:
Known as a true workhouse, and used in clinical facilities across the world, the GE OEC 9800 C-arm is a great rental scanner for providing patients with solid, reliable imaging. The OEC 9800 C-arm offers true 1k x 1k high-resolution imaging technology, and in conjunction with a variety of imaging technologies, users can expect quality images that aid in diagnosis accuracy and confidence. Some of these imaging technologies include:

  • SmartMetal – Adjusts the C-arm’s settings to improve image quality when metals are in the scan field
  • SmartWindow – Senses the collimator’s position
  • AutoTrak – Detects anatomy to stabilize the image even when the subject is moving
  • SmartView Off-Axis Pivot Joint – Allows precise positioning

The GE OEC 9800 C-arm is designed to last longer via a rotating anode, its patented battery buffer technology, and its high-quality locks, levers, and controls. Then, when taking images, GE OEC 9800 C-arm provides point-of-shoot ease with its SmartView pivot joint. This versatility has made the 9800 a popular choice in the ER, OR, or pain management clinic.

Product features:
    • SmartView pivot joint
    • SmartMetal
    • SmartWindow
    • AutoTrak
    • Pulse fluoro, High-Level Fluoro and Digital Cine modes
    • Low dose features
    • 15 kW generator
    • Rotating anode X-ray tube
    • Patented battery buffer technology
    • Upgradable to 16-bit image processing to deliver 1k x 1k images
    • Upgradable to 8 fps or 15 fps with real-time subtraction
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