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GE OEC 9000 C-Arm
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Brian Gill Review:
The GE OEC 9000 C-Arm was the original C-Arm that truly boosted OEC as a reliable model. This system remains a widely used, good quality imaging system that’s flexible enough for use in general surgery, orthopedic surgery, trauma, and pain management.After a scan, this C-Arm will display the output onto two 15-inch high-resolution monitors; when printing or transferring the images, this C-Arm has simple operation so that users can get the job done fast.

The OEC 9000 C-Arm offers digital image processing and a screen resolution of 512x512x8. To provide the best image possible for accurate diagnoses, this C-Arm also features noise reduction, gamma correction, real-time averaging, and motion artifact reduction. Furthermore, the OEC 9000 C-Arm is very adaptable to specialty packages, whereas some upgrades allow this C-Arm to perform digital subtraction angiography and roadmapping for vascular surgery, interventional radiology, neurology, and neurosurgery.

Product features:
  • 2.5 kHz high frequency, 6.0 kW full-wave generator
  • Pulsed fluoro capability
  • Rotating anode x-ray tube
  • Digital Subtraction Angiography
  • Gamma correction
  • Dynamic real-time averaging
  • Motion Artifact Reduction
  • Expansion packages
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