Rent Medical C-Arms
Rent C-arms by the Week, Month, and Year
  • C-arms from top manufacturers with competitive prices designed to meet your facility’s needs
  • Renting a C-arm allows you to test your potential customer base to see if purchasing a system makes good financial sense
  • Renting as a possibility to provide imaging services while acquiring funds for a future C-arm purchase
  • Fast, secure delivery with an expert engineer to assist with installation and deinstallation
  • Long- and short-term rental contracts available: weekly, monthly, or yearly
C-arms provide numerous imaging benefits for your hospital, clinic, or private imaging center. By renting a C-arm, you can take advantage of this technology without large, upfront capital expenses.

C-arm rental also lets you test a potential customer base, or continue providing services while your current system has technical problems or is down for repairs. For descriptions of our rental C-Arms, click on the manufacturers and brands below.

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GE C-arms

The cost of rental a C-arm depends on several factors, including the transportation, installation, featured components and technologies. In general, C-arm rental prices range from $3,000-$5,000 per month.

Transportation is quick and secure, and one of our expert technicians can help with the installation and getting your C-arm up-and-running. Add C-arm imaging services to your facility without all the hassle by contacting Rent Medical today.

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